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This is a pivotal time for the Community of Boulder. The 2021 City Council election will have, arguably, the greatest influence on the issues that matter most to Boulderites -- in the immediate future and for future generations. We are deciding on no less than what kind of city we want for ourselves and our children. 


I have listened to community leaders, residents, business owners, and public officials. Their frustrations and needs are reflected in my positions. Read about them below. Please check back each week for a new position statement.

"Steve Rosenblum is one of the best informed candidates I have ever met in my decades of involvement in Boulder. I wholeheartedly support Steve Rosenblum to help lead our city. We so need knowledgeable council members like Steve! Consider giving Steve one of your five votes. This is a critical election and a lot of the future of the city will depend on who the voters elect to represent them."
         - Lisa Morzel | Former Deputy Mayor & City Council Member