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About Steve Rosenblum


I'm husband to an absolutely amazing woman, father of two incredible daughters, and best friend to two dogs. As an avid rock climber, skier, and cyclist, I feel right at home.
My connection to Boulder began in 1995, eating pizza at The Sink and scrambling up the Flatirons. There is something magical about this place that gets into you and doesn’t let go. While I lived in New York, I stayed in touch with friends, visited when I could, and followed the local news, vowing that one day Boulder would be my home. In 2017, I convinced my beach-loving Puerto Rican wife and our daughters to give the mountains a chance. We see this place as our Home (Big “H”).

This is why I am running for City Council.

"In every election, there are candidates who talk and candidates who do. Steve is firmly in that second category."



My twenty years of experience in housing, financial services, and economics gives me the perspective and capacity to have a meaningful, positive impact on critical city issues. Throughout my career, I’ve successfully brought people with diverse perspectives together to overcome complex problems. (If ever there was a place dealing with diverse perspectives and complex problems, it’s Boulder, and I am determined to guide us toward solutions.)

I have lived, breathed, and studied housing markets from every aspect: as a renter, an investor, a financier, and studying housing research. For example, I was fortunate to invest in a building in Denver that was close to being condemned. I led the work to rehab it into a beautiful living space that became home to people from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. We found a way to provide opportunity for the most vulnerable while assuring the safety of the surrounding community. I’ll never forget how humbled and grateful I felt when I saw people cry at the sight of their names on their own mailboxes. 


I understand how city policies create or constrain housing and economic opportunity and have also learned that sometimes the best decision is not to build. The highest authority is what's best for the community. 


Having held leadership roles at leading financial services companies, I developed expertise in mortgage and municipal finance, budget sustainability, and regulation. The lesson: While government policies impact our housing markets, transportation infrastructure, and environments, it’s local action and passion for home that builds a true community. 


Graduate of Columbia University (B.S. Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude, 2001).

"Using my determination, compassion, and a belief in a common purpose, I strive to create impactful solutions to our most complex and daunting challenges."



Housing the Unhoused

I am deeply committed to addressing our nation’s homelessness and housing insecurity crisis. I procured a previously dilapidated building in Denver, overrun with crime, code violations, and nearing foreclosure. I partnered with the Office of Economic Development to fully rehabilitate the building and create quality built, affordable residences. Upon completion, I worked with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless to provide safe, sustainable housing to elderly and as well as disabled people. Upon taking possession, several recipients broke into tears and expressed similar emotion upon noticing their name on the mailbox. While transforming the lives of just a handful of folks is more than enough to justify the time invested, it only establishes a starting point for me to thoughtfully and compassionately, enact expansive, lasting social change.

Community Well-Being and Public Safety

I believe that public safety is the primary obligation of government and a prerequisite for everything else we care about in Boulder. Like so many of you, I watched our community struggle with accelerating crime in our neighborhoods, drug abuse, and environmental degradation in our public spaces. I organized with a group of citizens called Safer Boulder to advocate for change. We met with city government, non-profits, businesses, and community groups to research the issue. After informing ourselves with input from this wide spectrum of sources, the problem became clear: the City was failing to upload the law and thereby putting the entire community’s future at risk if they did not change course. We decided we needed to act: We drafted, circulated, and collected more than 8,500 signatures for a petition calling for City leaders to respond to -- not ignore -- the growing outcry of public concern. Council began holding regular updates on crime, committed more resources to our depleted Police Department, and expressed strong support for our new Police Chief’s reform program and data-driven framework for crime prevention. But policing alone can never solve the root causes of crime. Investments in our community and a justice system focused on rehabilitation will both keep us safe and promote our values.

Disaster Relief & Sustainable Economic Development


I understand the dire impact that natural disasters, economic mismanagement, and neglected infrastructure can have on a community. My wife and I have been supporting the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Maria, Irma, 2020 earthquakes, and the recession. Elena serves on the board of ConPRmetidos, a non-profit whose mission is to catalyze and support a sustainable economic recovery in Puerto Rico. We enabled food relief, mental health support, coastline rehabilitation, home rebuilding and helped revitalize severely impacted industries such as fishing and agriculture. We provide grant funding and partner with the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in areas such as hydroelectric power, renewable energy, and green farming.

"Thank you so very much for giving my husband and I this housing option. Living here is so quiet and friendly. We have been made to feel very comfortable, welcome, and safe. We are hoping to make this our last move."