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Boulder is an incredible place. Our open space, history, culture, and community have been nurtured by the commitment of civic leaders, local businesses and incredibly dynamic residents. Despite pioneering policies and thoughtful long-term planning, we continue to face challenges. National and global forces such as housing scarcity, economic inequality, climate change, and the twin crises of mental health and addiction require a renewed dedication to our common purpose.


We can meet these challenges by working together and committing to our shared values. 


With facts and determination we can make the best small city in the country even better. But only if we listen to each other, treat each other with respect, and continue to innovate. I will bring my extensive experience, unique perspective, and values driven tenacity to bear on making Boulder’s dreams for the future a reality. 


We are a community overflowing with compassionate, intelligent, and creative people. Our energy and civic engagement is Boulder's greatest asset. I will listen to the community, seek out the strongest arguments and the best evidence, and provide clarity on how I make decisions. My goal will be to cultivate viable solutions that benefit the greatest number of residents and ensure city government’s resources and priorities are focused on you. 


Together, we can create opportunities for people to live, grow, learn, and thrive in Boulder. We can bring forward the diverse mix of housing that Boulder needs. We can ensure our parks and shared spaces are safe, welcoming, and accessible for neighbors to build strong social capital. We can protect our environment, continue building climate resilience, and progress towards a sustainable future. 


I look forward to doing my part in making Boulder a wonderful place to live, both today and for generations to come!

Steve Rosenblum
FOR Boulder City Council

"Steve's intellectual rigor and willingness to challenge the status quo will help us arrive at the best solutions for the challenges facing our community."

"Steve will test his views against contrary information. He will adjust his views based on that analysis and he will strive to reach sound conclusions -- and that is PRECISELY what we need on council, and it is why I so enthusiastically support his candidacy."

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"My vision for Boulder's future is bright, and I prefer delivering positive messages. Unfortunately, my campaign is already facing an identity theft challenge that cannot be ignored. We learned that an organization opposing my candidacy has purchased several web domains -- fraudulently bearing my name -- directing traffic to websites with misinformation and lies. This is the only legitimate website for my campaign: Further, my campaign is not using the Twitter platform. Any Twitter handles bearing my name are fraudulent."